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While most of the websites designed by Aldebaran Web Design are for small businesses, some are of a more personal nature. Aldebaran Web Design is happy to help you with your own personal website, whether it is a standard website or a blog, to help you get your thoughts, feelings, and experiences out on the web.

Some of these personal websites have been memorials for the people who are left behind to collect works and publish them for others to see. Sometimes individuals use them to write memories. It allows people to participate in a memorial even though they might not be able to attend a traditional service.

Below are some examples of personal websites I've designed (click here to see my small business web design portfolio) :

"A Parkinson's Journey"
Anonymous Author Documenting
Her Battle With Illness

Personal, Event, Wedding, Illness Website Design
"Thoughts from
a Thinking Girl"
Anonymous Author's Musings on Life's Happenings

Personal Event, Wedding Illness Web Design
"Knitters Social Group"
Private Group Blog to Coordinate Retreats and Communicate with Members

Personal Event, Wedding Illness Web Design

Other examples of personal websites are for weddings, or other events that you want to be able to post information or photos of. They can also serve to organize and capture photos, etc of club or group or family activities. Personal websites can be password protected so that a limited number of people can view them.

Perhaps the most personal website I've done, is for a woman who wanted to document her experience with Parkinson's Disease. You may remember Leroy NPR's blogger who documented his battle with colon cancer. I followed his blog for quite some time until his death. Person websites and blogs can have a profound effect on their readers.

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