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"Since I started my legal business I relied on the internet as my most important tool to gain clients. For at least 4 years I dealt with at least 3 different webmasters, and the problems were the same. I got excuses as to why my website traffic was poor. At the same time, for every change I made to the website, I was being charged hundreds of dollars in fees! I am fine with getting something for my money, but the search engine traffic was always the same. "

"Currently, I have 600% more (and still increasing) visits to my website due to Jill's efforts. I use a lot of new tools to see what is happening with my legal business website (who is visiting, from where, keywords, etc). I'm spending less money than before, I received new customers every week, and the most important thing: Jill is always ready to help me."

"I know that the future of my legal business is on the internet. I've known that since I started. But without Aldebaran Web Design, my website would be nowhere!!!"

Lic. Luis Alberto Pereira, DYN Attorney at Law,
Costa Rica

If you're an attorney or lawyer or other type of legal service provider, you know how competitive the market is. Attracting new clients to your legal practice is challenging. One of the most cost effective ways to increase your client base, is to have a professionally designed website that can help attract new clients and tell them about your specific legal services offerings.

While there are website design firms that focus exclusively on developing websites for attorneys and lawyers, they often charge high design and hosting fees. Web hosting costs $10 a month and most of the websites I develop are between $500 and $1500.

Below are some examples web design work I've done for my attorney clients (click here to see my small business web design portfolio) :

San Diego Law Firm
Business and Personal Law
(Blog Integration Only)

Lawyer and Attorney Website Design
D&N Legal Services
Business/Corporate Attorney
(SEO and Blog Integration)

Attorney and Lawyer Web Design
A. Alene Anderson
Seattle Law Offices
(New Custom Website)

Attorney and Lawyer Web Design
James Nuebel, P.A.
Personal Injury Attorney
(New Custom Website)

Lawyer and Attorney Website Design
DJ Trade Law
International TradeLaw
(New Custom Website)

Lawyer and Attorney Website Design

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"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jill on the development of a website for my new law firm. One of Jill's many strengths is her gift for clear communication and simple explanation. Her website is an accurate reflection of her skills and her approach to her work and her clients. Jill's technical expertise is impressive but it's the combination with her communications ability that makes her stand out in a crowded field. "

"Jill was very clear about what could, and what could not, be accomplished within my (very unreasonable) time frame - and Jill did exactly what she committed to doing, on time and within her estimated budget. We're delighted with the finished product."

M. S. Davenport ,
Davenport & James PLLC,
Washington DC