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A Seattle Web Designer: My Bio

Picture of Jill Olkoski Aldebaran Consulting and Website Design Seattle

Jill's diverse background enables her to have unique insight into human nature, technology, and process improvement, all of which make her well suited to be a Seattle web designer.

Jill attended the University of Florida and received her first degree in Mechanical Engineering. She began working for Motorola® while still in college and continued working there for the next 17 years.

Jill worked her way up the corporate ladder from entry-level engineer to the Director of Quality for her division. Jill gained a reputation as being tough but reasonable, detail-oriented yet practical. Jill's ability to problem solve and bring opposing viewpoints together for win-win solutions contributed to her success, both as an engineer and a Seattle web designer.

Valuing new learning experiences and continuous education opportunities, Jill obtained another degree in Computer Science while in her Director of Quality role . Shortly after receiving this degree Jill moved from Florida to Seattle.

Aldebaran Consulting and Website Design SeattleAfter nearly two years in Seattle, Jill had mastered her current job and wanted to embark on a new learning experience that would offer her more insight into herself and others.   Jill decided to leave her position at Motorola to pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology.

Studying psychology was great for Jill. She learned how to vastly improve her listening skills. She gained a rudimentary understanding of how the human brain functions and how human personalities develop. She learned about social psychology and how there really is no mind-body split: it all works together to give us our experience of reality. She even spent a full year doing therapy on real live clients at a local community mental health center.

But during her clinical psychology education, Jill felt the calling of technology - specifically towards becoming a Seattle web designer. Midway towards her degree, she developed a website design company, which grew and grew and grew - attracting more and more clients. Eventually, Jill realized that she really loved working with clients who appreciate intelligent (and not flashy) web design and had found a new profession that utilized technical, project management, and interpersonal skills: A new Seattle web designer was born!

Jill's combination of skills and education (engineering, computer science, psychology, program management, quality) are unique in the website design industry and make her a very unique Seattle web designer. If you're looking for a professional website designer who is mature, ethical, reliable, and who is a patient listener, contact Jill today.


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