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Small Business Online Stores, Shopping Carts (ECommerce)

  • Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, eChecks and PayPal®
  • Sell Your Products or Services 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Offer Event or Online Class Registration

If this sounds great, then it may be time to develop an eCommerce solution (online store, shopping cart) for your small business. Aldebaran Web Design uses the ECT online store.

Demo Store

Watch Video Tours of the ECT store:
Experience the store as a customer.
Explore the store owner administrative area.

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Examples of Online Stores:

Full Circle Studio: Handcrafted Home Embellishments

Full Circle Shopping Cart
LCL Tattoo: Tattoo Furnishing, Supplies and Products

Tattoo Ecommerce Website Design
Natures's Backyard Pets: Wild Bird Supplies, Birdseed, Feeders, Houses & More

Bird Supply Website
On This Day Designs: Handcrafted Catholic Jewelry

Jewelry Website Design
Pico's Worldwide: Recycled and Environmentally Friendly Products

Online Store Web Design
Positive Approach Dog Training and Daycare in Tacoma

Dog Training Tacoma eCommerce
Katie Kay: Fashion Accessories for Home, Jewelry, Clothing

Home Decor Ecommerce Website Design
LCL Beauty Salon Outfitters: Furnishings, Equpiment and Supplies

Online Store Web Design
Skintensify: Skin Furnishings, Equipment, Supplies and Products

eCommerce Web Design


What is a Payment Processor?

To accept payments online, you need a "payment processor". There are many to choose from. Here is a list of payment processors that are compatible with the ECT store I work with. My two favorite payment processors are PayPal® and®. You can click the referral buttons below to sign up.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

Go here to read more about how to select a payment processor and a comparison of PayPal® and®

Which eCommerce solution is best for my small business website?

• If you only sell one item at a time, then PayPal®'s "buy now" buttons could be your most affordable eCommerce solution.® also has a "Simple Checkout" solution.

• If you have a large number of products, have frequent product changes, want your online store integrated into your website, need to sell digital items like music or photos, or want an online registration system, then you need a customized online store. My favorite online store is eCommerceTemplates because of it's fantastic list of features and ease of use for the website designer and you, the online store administrator. It's the best ecommerce solution I've found if you want the shopping cart built around the look and feel of your website. Go here to experience a fully functioning demo of ECT's online store.

Do I Need to Have A Secure Website?

If you chose to have a custom shopping cart that processes credit card information on your website, you will need to provide your customers with a secure shopping environment. In order to provide this, you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate does two things: it authenticates your website's identity to your customers (so they know that it's really your store they're on) and it encrypts all the information that is sent between your customer's computer and your payment provider. Many customers won't shop on a non-secure website. Go here to read my blog article on How To Choose An SSL For Your Online Store.

I Have An osCommerce/ZenCart Online Store - Can It Be Changed Into An ECT Store?

Yes! I've worked with osCommerce/ZenCart before and can sympathize with your wishes to switch to a easier to use, friendlier online store application. If you have an online that uses osCommerce or ZenCart, read this testimonial written by a client of mine who made the switch from osCommerce to ECT!

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As a novice eCommerce customer, I was both a demanding and uninformed client. I "knew what I wanted" but did not have a clue as to how to get there.

Jill has the brains of an uber nerd and patience of a saint. Each step of the process from designing to going live to problem solving was smooth.

From finding the best products, the most user friendly design, and the best support software, Jill made me feel confident and competent.
- J. Tucker, Seattle

seattle web site design

"I had tried to set up my own e-commerce site and was at a complete standstill.

I contacted Jill quickly pulled my ecommerce shopping cart together. She also fixed my problems with PayPal.

Anytime I need tweaks here and there, she is ready to help!"
- A. Steuer, Seattle

seattle web site design
seattle web site design