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Phone Consultation for Websites, SEO, WordPress & more!

"One of Jill's many strengths is her gift for clear communication and simple explanation... Jill's technical expertise is impressive but it's the combination with her communications ability that makes her stand out in a crowded field. "
- M. Davenport
Davenport & James PLLC
Washington, DC

seattle web site design

"In my experience there are precious few people who have both a deep knowledge about computer technology AND an ability to communicate to and teach "non-tecchie" folks like me. Jill has that beautiful combo of abilities. "
- K. Taylor
Seattle, WA

seattle web site design

"Thank you so much for your WordPress phone consulting services! I just launched a new web site for my company, Filco Environmental Oil Tank Services using WordPress. My site needed changes and I didn't know how to make those changes, and so I contacted you through your website. From there we scheduled a phone consulting meeting and you walked me through all the changes that I needed to make. Your phone consulting services works great for me and my company."
- Debbie M., Seattle WA

Blog Lessons - Web Phone Consultations - Website Advice

While good web design advice might eventually be found somewhere on the internet, sometimes you just want to talk to a real person and get your questions answered quickly and in plain English. Aldebaran Web Design offers phone consultation services to small business owners worldwide.

General Web Design Questions
  • Contemplating getting a website and want to learn more?
  • Need help deciding between Ebay or a "real" online store?
  • How can I make my website more user-friendly?
  • How can I make changes to my website myself - what's a CMS (content management system)
SEO and Website Traffic Analysis
  • How do search engines work?
  • What is "Search Engine Optimization"?
  • How can I improve my website rankings?
  • How can I analyze my website traffic to improve performance?
WordPress Blogging Lessons
  • Learn the basics of WordPress
  • Get advice on how to write good articles/posts
  • Learn how to add plugins, widgets, and keep WordPress up-to-date to prevent hacking
  • How can I add a WordPress blog to my existing website?
ECommerce Templates (ECT) Help
  • Learn the basics the ECT store
  • Get help with customizing your store configuration
  • Maximize your individual product search engine rankings
  • Learn the difference between an integrated online store and PayPal

Phone consultations are a minimum of $120 and are 90 minutes long. You must pay in advance of the scheduled consultation. In many cases, same-day consultations are available. Please note that I am on Pacific Time, and generally work 10am - 5pm, M - F. I generally will call clients so that they avoid any long distance phone charges. If you are outside the US, we can also use Skype for our website consultation. Please use the PayPal button below to pay for your 90 minute consultation:

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"Jill answered questions patiently, and - important to me - free of techie jargon. She explained technical issues in clear, ordinary language. "
- D. LaBier, Ph.D.
Center Progressive
Washington, DC

seattle web site design

"Jill offered her expertise in a way that was easy to understand and incorporate for even a complete novice like me. "
- Lori Mercer
Northgate Hearing
Seattle, WA