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Setting Up New Domain Registration & New Hosting With BlueHost
Transferring Your Existing Website To
How To Read Email From Your BlueHost Website
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BlueHost Website Hosting: How To Set Up Web Hosting ...Yourself

I use BlueHost as my own web hosting and domain registration service because they are affordable, reliable, have excellent 24/7 phone customer support, and they are fun to work with. I recommend BlueHost to all my new website clients:

If you want to set up hosting with, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon above to go to
  2. Click on the green Sign Up Now button.
  3. If you already have registered a domain name with another company, click "I have a domain name" on the right, if you don't have a domain name registered, click the "I need a domain name" on the left.
  4. If you clicked "I need a domain name" and the domain name is already taken, try again to find one that's available.
  5. Finish signing up for your account.
  6. Generally I recommend clients add Privacy to all domain names, but do not add any other add ons.
  7. If you need an online store, you'll need a unique/static IP address, and an SSL certificate also.
  8. Enter your domain name
  9. Enter your password and make note of it.
  10. Finish sign up.
  11. Send all emails that BlueHost sends you to Jill and don't forget to send her your password as well.


Transferring Your Existing Website Hosting to

  1. Sign up for hosting with BlueHost (see previous section)
  2. Upload existing website files to the specified server you received from BlueHost. Note you'll need to FTP using the IP address, not the domain name.
  3. Preview the new site using http://ipaddress/~username
  4. Set up email accounts on BlueHost.
  5. Make sure you have local copies of all your email from your current (soon to be old) hosting company. (Verify this by disconnecting your computer from the internet and making sure you can open and read all of these email messages - "local" means they are physically on your computer, not on the email server. This verification is a very important step.)
  6. Changed the DNS settings on your Domain Registrar to point to BlueHost:
  7. Wait for DNS changes to propagate - might take an hour or a day.
  8. Reconfigure your email application to retrieve your email from BlueHost (see section below).
  9. Test out email (send and receive messages).
  10. If all's well, you can safely cancel your old hosting company.


How To Read Your BlueHost Email

There are two ways to read your BlueHost email:
1. Webmail: Read your BlueHost email directly from their webmail tool
2. Outlook, etc: Configure your email application to fetch your email from BlueHost

(You'll note that I didn't list "Forwarding" as a way to read email...and this is for a reason, many companies, like AOL and Comcast, will incorrectly label forwarded email as spam and not reliably deliver it - so I don't recommending forwarding for my clients)

1. Webmail: To read your email using BlueHost's webmail tool, simply go to:
http://yourdomainname/webmail/ , log in with your mail username and password, and that's it. This is especially useful for checking your mail when you're away from your own computer and have internet access (like from a library, internet cafe, etc). I prefer using RoundHorde.

2. Outlook, etc: To read your BlueHost email using your own email application, please follow these instructions:

General Email Configuration:
Incoming mail server:
Incoming mail server type: POP3 or IMAP (read this to decide)
Incoming mail server username: (use whole thing!)
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
My server requires authentication: checked. (use same settings as incoming mail server)
Use secure password authentication: not checked.

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How To Sign Up for a PayPal Business Account:

Need to receive payments online? Whether you need a complete online store or simple "buy now" buttons, creating a PayPal Business Account is pretty easy. Click on the image below to sign up for a PayPal Business account:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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Choose colors and fonts for your website:

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Select Royalty-Free Photographs and Graphics to use for your website:

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Virtual Tour - 360 degree Photography

Lyle Jansma from Jasma Design creates amazing virtual tours. Check out the work he did for the Olympic Flight Museum - like being inside the cockpit!

Yuen Li Portrait Photography

Several of my clients have gotten great photos of themselves for their websites from Yuen Li Portrait Photography. They have several locations around Washington, Oregon and California.

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