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Color Selection Tools

Selecting a colors for your website can be a difficult decision - and it's often hard for clients to communicate to me exactly what color they are looking for, especially since colors are specified in hex code. I have two tools here for helping you to pick colors.

Tool 1 (basic):

The first is an image of different thread colors. Just click on the small image to view a larger images and then tell me the number and color name you would like to use on your website.

Tool 2 (advanced):

If none of these colors is just right, I found this color picker script that was created by Lloyd Dalton, obviously a programming genius!

Note: This tool does not work on Internet Explorer 6. It works on Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Safari. Don't know which browser you're using? Look below:

Here's the way it works. You click on the little rainbow box below, and another window will pop up. The pop-up window has a slider on the right that you can move to find different color regions (red, yellow, green, blue, violet). Click in the pop-up window and you'll see cross hairs come up right where the color you want is represented. The hex code for the color will appear in the field below. It's the hex color that defines the specific color.     

Here's the hex code for the color you selected:

If you're trying to select a background color, and need to see what a big area looks like in this color, please enter the hex number here and click submit.

Enter Hex Code Here (leave off the #):

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