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How Much Does Website Design Cost?

seattle web site design

"Jill supplied ideas and resources to assist in making our web page more interactive and also kept our budget in mind. We are very pleased with the results!"
- M. A. Lyons, Seattle WA

seattle web site design

"If you are considering an attempt at making your dream become a website reality, I highly recommend Jill's services. She is worth every penny I invested."
- S. Francis, Seattle WA

seattle web site design
What does it cost to have a small business website designed? Most of the websites I develop cost between $400 and $2000 ($400 is my minimum fee for a new website). What will your website cost for to develop? Try out the website cost estimation tool below to see:

Help How many pages will your website have:
Help Do you want a WordPress Blog?
Help Do you want an Online Store?

Website Cost Estimator: Every website and client is unique. This tool assumes your website is comprised primarily of text, a contact form and images. My rates are based on my education, experience, and my genuine committment to create websites that bring new clients to small businesses. I use best-in-class website design, usability, and search engine optimization practices. Read my client testimonials or browse my portfolio to see the results of my work.


Additional Website Development Costs

  • Website Hosting Costs - You'll need a place to put your website files, called a "server",because it serves up files to users , just like a waiter brings you your meal. A "host" is a company that has lots of servers and rents you space on one of them. The cost of website hosting runs around $10 to $15 a month depending upon which and which hosting plan you sign up for. My preferred hosting company is

  • Domain Name Registration Costs - Domain names are the “” - your website's official name. The cost of domain name registration is very inexpensive Domain Name for Your Businessand costs around $10 per year. While purchasing a website domain name is relatively simple, the selection of an appropriate domain name for your business is a critical decision. Make sure you purchase your domain name from a reputable domain registrar. You can also often purchase a domain name from the same company you use for website hosting. My preferred domain registrar is

  • Website Maintenance - Once your website development is completed, you may need additional changes to keep your website content current, or you may want to expand your website by adding new features. Read more about my website maintenance services and fees.

  • SSL Certificates and Unique IP Address - SSL certificates are required if your website is collecting sensitive information and transmitting it. Example of GeoTrust SSL SealClients who are installing an online store in which they will collect credit card information, will need to purchase an SSL certificate and Unique IP Address. The cost of SSL certificates vary widely. Unique IP Addresses will run around $5 per month. If you need eCommerce we will talk about the different SSL choices and select the appropriate SSL for your budget and business needs.
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"She listens carefully, understands what we're after, and comes up with efficient and budget-friendly ways to get the job done."
- K. Lewis, Seattle WA

seattle web site design

"Jill's work was thoughtful, imaginative, and spot on budget from first to last. If she set a deadline, she met it; if she set a price, she honored it and if she made a promise, she kept it."
- I. Suver, Seattle WA

seattle web site design