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Jill Olkoski

Jill has a MA in Clinical Psychology, a BS in Computer Science, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

She currently owns Aldebaran Web Design in Edmonds (near Seattle WA) and enjoys educating her clients on topics related to small business website design.

In Jill's previous life, she spent 17 years in the engineering and quality organizations of a Fortune 100 tech company.


Techland Article: Facebook is not your friend

May 31st, 2011

First the confession, I’m not on Facebook. I was for about three weeks but after spending all day at my computer, I just didn’t want to spend more time on another application. Some of my clients find it very worthwhile for their small businesses, I just didn’t quite have the community thing going for me.

So it was with great interest that I read this article in Techland: Facebook is not your friend. The article makes some good points, in that Facebook is a business, and exists to make money, and therefore, there may be times when your privacy will be sacrificed. The article is really a call to be smarter about what you post online, which in general, I think is good advice both for people who are on Facebook and blogging in general. Enjoy.

J. Olkoski
Aldebaran Web Design, Seattle
Jill Olkoski has a BS in Engineering, a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Clinical Psychology. She delights in using her advanced technical and psychological skills to help small business owners develop cost-effective and successful websites.

3 Responses to “Techland Article: Facebook is not your friend”

  1. Paul Says:

    Interesting article Jill. I may be an old school geek but I think I am up to speed on this and have told friends to be more discreet about personal stuff they post on-line. Whilst I post to my photo blog daily I do try to keep personal stuff to a minimum.

  2. Jill Olkoski Says:

    Hi Paul,
    Agreed. I had a friend who followed her very young niece, who is a moody teenager, and who one day, posted something on Facebook about not wanting to live anymore. My friend read it, called her parents immediately, and shortly thereafter, the Facebook accounts were closed. People and people with kids, need to understand what they post is visible and permanent – and especially if you’re a teenager – a future employer might be looking at what you posted on Facebook… and judging your character.

  3. Lorraine Ball Says:

    I agree that Facebook is not your friend, but it can be if used properly a valuable tool to build traffic to your website, and build awareness of causes and events.

    Just like you wouldn’t walk into a business even dressed in shorts and a t-shirt ( well most people wouldn’t) if you are using Facebook for business, keep it professional

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